About Us


Our mission is to start gospel conversations through clothing and encourage people to live intentionally in their twenties.

We combined our passion for retail and fashion with our heart to share the love of the Lord.ย 

We believe that there is something beautiful and powerful about clothing. When creating, we have a goal of writing messages that encourage individuals to ask โ€œwhat does that mean?".

The goal of the clothing is to start a conversation, and our prayer is that you continue it.

We believe that our twenties are a pivotal time in our lives that set a foundation for the rest of our lives.ย 

These years are challenging to face without encouragement and support.ย 

Our goal is to walk alongside people in their twenties as we are also navigating these times. The heart of this space is to encourage, empower and point you to the grace and love of Jesus.

How it all began...

Back in January of 2020, best friends Meg and Liv wanted to create sweatshirts to share the message of grace with family and friends. Two and a half years later, we feel like the Lord is continuing to call us to this same mission. We decided to ditch corporate America to pursue this small business and mission to spread the gospel through clothing. As we continue to navigate the unknowns and challenges that come with owning our business we have learned that making sure we are on the same page as our heavenly father is better than perfectionism. We pray you see our intentionality in the clothing we create and through the work that we produce.


Meg and Liv met in the year 2007 and have been besties forever. We always had similar passions and interests but had opposite giftings (if Meg was the sun, Liv would be the moon) and our differences are what make us a perfect team! The Lord has had His hand all over this partnership and has prepared us for this mission long before it even existed.


We believe that the Lord created every decade and year of life with purpose and intention. We want our twenties to be foundational years that we can build from for the rest of our lives, glorifying the Lord in every decision we make.


Megan Kronser Co-Founder

Megan is a planner, manager, an organizer and is all about the details! She makes our visions come to life and leads the team on the path to get there. She loves to bake, read, go for walks, and spend time outside whenever she can!

Olivia Steingraber Co-Founder

Liv is creative, visionary, and loves to dream big! She is full of life, encouragement, joy, and brings so much FUN to the team! She has 1 million hobbies but overall just loves to create beautiful things.

Abby Haubner - Marketing Assistant

Abby is a recent college graduate from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. She is Meg & Livโ€™s right-hand man and helps with everything from graphic design, to operations, photoshoots, and more! She has killer style and killer dance moves and brings the fun to the work environment.

Natasha Janssen - Ministry Leader

Natasha is a Project Manager at LifeWay and is married! She has the gifting of writing, speaking, and leading people in the Word. All of our bible studies, resources, and social media posts were most likely written by Natasha! She is a selfless leader, helper, and friend!