About Us

Our Story
Alright let's do this! 
TWENTIES is a clothing brand whose goal is to create conversations through clothing, while encouraging people to live intentionally in their twenties through online community groups and resources. We hope it is a place where people can come to learn, grow, lead and come just as they are exactly where they are at. We also hope you want to buy our cute and meaningful clothing:)
TWENTIES is based in Wisconsin and operated by two best friends, Liv & Meg!! We'll share a little bit about ourselves soon but hopefully you will get to know us on an even deeper level through our writing and clothing!
We hope that through TWENTIES, this becomes a place people can connect and share their stories.
Finally, what in the heck does TWENTIES mean and how did we come up with it?!
First and foremost, 2020!!! The new year!! The new decade filled with 10 years of the 20s!!! Most of who we are attracting will also be going through their twenties in these years along with us. We believe that our twenties should not be spent doing what the world asks of us, but what God does. Your twenties are designed to be filled with joy, love, righteousness, forgiveness, grace, purpose, peace, and everything that God is! Because the foundation we lay down in our twenties is the foundation that will be set for that rest of our lives, why not say yes to following Jesus in your twenties and each and every year of your life after that? 
The number 20 also has great significance in the bible! It symbolizes the cycle of completeness and is often connected to a period of waiting, labor, or suffering that is compared to a trial. It is also a symbol of redemption!!! In our twenty's we will face many trials and periods of waiting since we are in the years where everything is changing. Some may graduate college, travel, get a corporate job, start a business, get married, build a house, move across the country, etc. etc. but through these changes and challenges that await us is God. He will be there with us through every step of the way, through waiting, labor, suffering, trials AND redemption. 
We know this was long but hopefully if you made it this far you have a better understanding of who we are, our goals and the meaning behind what we are doing!