Our Top 15 Book Recommendations!!!

Our Top 15 Book Recommendations!!!

May 21st 2020

Friends, if you are anything like us we LOVE to read!!! Reading for all three of us has helped us grow as individuals and learn more about Jesus! We wanted to make this blog post to share with all of you 15 books that have impacted us the most!

Not A Fan
Am I Enough? By Grace Valentine
It’s Not Supposed to Be this Way
College Devo by Jordan Lee Dooley
Prodigal God
Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson
Love Does
Love Lives Here
Get Wise
Done with That


This seems obvious but is is so important that we spend each and everyday diving into God’s Word! We recommend starting in The New Testament with the book of Matthew! That’ll give you a great start to learn who Jesus is and get a grasp on reading the bible.

We also recommend the New International Version (NIV), The Passion Translation (TPT), or The Message (MSG)! These versions are all the newest translations of the Bible and really help you understand it in today’s day and age. The YouVersion Bible App is an awesome tool for studies, devotionals, and reading the Bible in general on the go!
Reading the bible can be so intimidating and confusing when you start, but it is the best way for us to learn about God and it is so cool how he communicates with us directly through scripture.
We also recommend finding people to read the bible with you! This will not only help you both understand it better because you both have different takeaways from it but it will help you to hold each other accountable and stay consistent!
If you have any questions on reading the Bible or anything in that realm while studying scripture, please reach out to us through email or Instagram!!
We hope in the future we can create easy plans and studies for you all and a community where we can do it together!