May 21st 2020

We are so excited for our first launch of the More Grace sweatshirts!

Grace---what is grace?!?

This is a word that we all hear a lot but what does it really mean?

For one, you can give more grace to yourself. This means allowing yourself to make mistakes. Taking care of your body and loving yourself for who you are. Giving grace to ourselves is recognizing that we are humans and that we have flaws and accepting ourselves through it. It is essential that we give grace to ourselves so that we have the energy to give grace to others!

Secondly, we can also give more grace to others! Being gracious is forgiving when it’s difficult. Not forgiving leads to pain and bitterness. Grace is not judgemental and is empathetic. Grace doesn’t compare or make the competition. Grace is trying to walk a day in someone else’s shoes and favoring the oppressed.
Giving ourselves and others more grace is sooo important! But the meaning of where grace comes from is the thing that matters the most!
Grace comes from God and the foundation of God’s grace comes from the cross! Jesus died for us due to His unconditional love for us. We DO NOT earn His grace!!! In the presence of God’s grace, we grow stronger. We deserve nothing yet God gave us everything! God gives us this unconditional and undeserved grace, therefore, we need to pour grace back into our lives and the lives of others. THIS IS GRACE.
Our hope for these More Grace sweatshirts is to start conversations and encourage others to live grace-filled lives! Friends would love to see you all in the sweatshirts so make sure to follow @shop.twenties on Instagram and tag us in your pictures! <3